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Oak Consultancy Solutions.

Your solution based consultancy, created to deliver savings and unlock growth in businesses across the UK. 
What can Oak do for me?
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak
Grow your business with Oak

Oak’s Branches

At Oak we specialise in the 6 key areas which unlock the biggest cost reductions and fastest growth paths for any business in the UK. Leveraging these we have delivered unparalleled value for our clients.

Solar & Energy

Businesses are feeling the rise in costs with many struggling to find ways to avoid passing this increase through to their own pricing and customers.Work with Oak to innovate to protect your pricing and your customers.

Asset Finance

Acquiring new assets can be the difference in unlocking huge growth for your business. With the right Asset Finance Oak can help you deliver the assets you need to unlock the growth you deserve.


Top of funnel, customer growth or sales driving lead generation. Marketing is at the core of every business across every industry. Our experts can audit, advise and strategise your business to more success.

Commercial Insurance

Insurance is a product you want to have but never want to use. The most important thing for any business is to know that should the worst happen – you’ve got the right cover to protect your business properly.

HMRC R&D Tax Relief

Millions of pounds are spent every month in the UK by businesses on R&D activities. The HMRC Tax Relief is in place to support your efforts, Oak can help you unlock access to your entitled Tax Credits.

Vehicle Purchases and Leases

Vehicles can be the lifeblood of many businesses and having the right vehicles for the job is important. Oak have experts in the field who can match the right vehicle to suit your business needs.


We can take your business to the next level

At Oak, our founders Allan and Gary are serial entrepreneurs, having run countless businesses in the UK for the past 20 years. Both have made and lost on the back of hard work and hard lessons.

After careers across multiple businesses, both owning and advising, Allan and Gary have amassed a large network of contacts, knowledge and subject matter experts in some of the most cutting edge technologies.

It’s this experience and network that enable Allan and Gary to work with any business across any industry and confidently help reduce costs and optimise for growth and profit.

The team at Oak Consultancy unlocked savings and better profit margins across my business - I highly recommend speaking with them

Phil JohnstonBusiness Owner